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Von diesem Training profitieren

Managing Directors, Human Resource Managers, Research Directors, Research Group Leaders, Speakers and Trainers

Ziele, die Sie mit dem Training erreichen werden

  • Build powerful professional vocabulary
  • Speak English naturally and comfortably
  • Control conversations and get the information you want
  • Avoid the typicalEnglish mistakes made by German speakers

Ihr Nutzen vom Performance-Training

  • 4 confidence tips which work EVERY time
  • Develop a great take-home message - but how?
  • Structure your talk for different personality types
  • Visualising magic
  • Sexy starts and excellent endings


You should have a good command of English speaking skills.

(Please call John Doorbar on 0173 9039949 if you are not sure whether this professional programme is for you)

Das sagen unsere Trainingsteilnehmer

„Never seen such a relaxed and constructive atmosphere before. It was very professional."
Springer participant
Heidelberg, 2012
“Ein methodisch bis ins Detail durchdachter und äußerst abwechslungsreicher Training ermöglicht es, auch schwierige Phasen zu meistern und auftretende Konzentrationsschwierigkeiten schnell zu überwinden. John Doorbar’s großes pädagogisches Geschick, verbunden mit hoher Fachkompetenz, hat jeden Tag zu einem Erfolg gemacht…”
I. Scholtyssek
Leiterin Personalwesen, ABB TRW Transformatorenwerke GmbH


Born in England 1961 – John studied at the University of Oxford, 1979 – 1982, MA in Theology. From Oxford he went to study „Teaching Theory and Practice“ at the University of Durham. He set up his consulting practice in Germany after being awarded a distinction in Commercial Training Skills sponsored by the University of Cambridge in 1989. Since then he has conducted management seminars in 13 countries worldwide. A large number of well-known international companies like Kraft Foods, Ernst and Young, Siemens, Allianz and Springer Verlag have become long-term partners. John‘s open style allows participants to relax and let go of their fear of making mistakes while presenting. This quality helps learners to learn more effectively and faster. Combined with his effective delivery and fully researched teaching methods these points make him a popular figure in business settings

Das erwartet Sie im Training mit John Doorbar



  • A great start -what to say at the start and how to do this in English
  • The best English words you need to structure your presentation
  • Latest trends and research in modern slide design
  • How to describe visuals interestingly in English
  • When you do not understand –How to react if you cannot understand a question
  • How to give examplesand tell stories in Englishto bring your talk alive
  • A memorable ending in simple effective English
  • Fascination and psychological research findings which show how the greatest speakers influence their audience


  • Short “mini-inputs”by John Doorbar (M.A.University of Oxford) with practical and memorable take-home messages
  • Lots of practiceover you 2-day training-At least 5chances to practise using exercises and short mini-sections of your own business presentations
  • Honest, open and practical professional feedbackto improve your presenting
  • Positive, open atmosphere to ensure fast and effective learning

Das sagen unsere Trainingsteilnehmer

„John Doorbar has been training and coaching our managers and staff at our company for the last 22 years. We see John as a long-term partner who provides high quality and results-oriented support at all hierarchical levels. We are highly impressed by his professionalism and his expertise and social skills which is demonstrated by the fact that our staff have continually taken part in his training over many years.“
Hans-Peter Müller
Director of Human Resources, JohnsonDiversey, Mannheim, Germany (2011)
„We did a lot of practical training and we received very useful feedback.“
Springer participant
Heidelberg, 2012

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